The Stylish Choice

Stainless steel is enjoying a design renaissance as architects and designers apply its sleek aesthetic to their projects. For decades, its modern, clean, and elegant look, as well as its durability and eco-friendly qualities, have made it a superior choice for high-profile designer buildings. Take the Chrysler Building in New York, for example. The stainless steel Art Deco roof remains spectacular after nearly 90 years.

Kitini Outdoor Kitchen by Davinia Sutton

This dream outdoor kitchen by award winning designer, Davinia Sutton, showcases the attractive styling and versatility of stainless steel. Davina has elegantly combined design and functionality with her seamless use of natural timber, stone, and stainless steel, including the Oli 316 kitchen tap, which is perfect for outdoor use.

Kitini Outdoor Kitchen by Davinia Sutton featuring the Oli 316 Kitchen Mixer in Brushed 316 Stainless Steel

Fashionable, Contemporary and Versatile

Another important aspect of stainless steel is its versatility. The sleek, modern style of stainless steel tapware lends a luxurious finish to an area and is available across various product collections making it easy to match other design choices. Stainless steel tapware can also be found in contemporary colours including brass, copper and gunmetal as seen in Plumbline’s Oli 316 collection. The colour is added using an environmentally friendly production process called PVD.

The Oli 316 stainless steel collection is available in 3 fashionable PVD finishes, Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass and Brushed Gunmetal.

Kind to the Environment

The environmental impact and long-term sustainability of a bathroom has never been more important and investing in high quality bathroomware is a great step to creating an environmentally friendly home. Stainless steel is an excellent eco-friendly choice as it is lead-free with a smooth, non-porous, timeless surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The longevity of stainless steel makes it a sustainable choice for your home.

Fendalton Residence by Lume Design featuring the Swiss Stainless Steel Bath Filler (left) and the Fukasawa Basin Mixer in Brushed 316 Stainless Steel (right)

Not all Stainless Steel is Created Equal

Marine-Grade 316 stainless steel is the highest-grade material and is designed for the outdoors, making it the best tapware for both indoor and outdoor use. Used for railings on boats and beach-front fencing, it is extremely hardwearing and can withstand the harshest environments containing chlorine and salt water.
304 grade balances quality and affordability and is designed to be used in commercial kitchens and interior areas.

Fontealta Outdoor Showers, Boss (left), Classy (right)

Plumbline offers a range of stainless steel products to suit your style and budget, including; Oli 316, Swiss, Fantini and Fontealta.