Our natural environment continues to be an elemental theme in 2023, blending with an expanded concept of personal care and the primacy of personalisation.

Grounded by Nature

Biophilic interior design references and celebrates the natural world, bringing it inside the home. Bathrooms and biophilic design are a perfect couple of long standing. The longevity of the concept makes biophilic designed bathrooms worth investing in, while the ever evolving expression of the concept keeps it fresh – or dare we say – evergreen.

The NEW Strata collection by Plumbline

Earthy Colours

Flowing on from 2022's cool hues inspired by snow, sky, and verdant foliage, design is now grounded in warm bursts of earthy tones combined with mossy greens.

Bathroom Design by Nicola Manning

Natural Materials

Biophilic design is distilled into a purer form of expression through raw natural materials. Textures are variegated, irregular finishes and patterns are embraced throughout. Veined marble, stone, warm wood and organic metal finishes feature prominently. Handmade tiles compliment these materials to create an organic space that is both inviting and entirely individual.
There is a shift towards timber cabinetry as an effective way to create a warm, natural atmosphere.

Bathroom Design by Michael Murray Studio

Designs call for fixtures in bronze, organic brass or gunmetal tones. Raw metals that will patina and metamorphose with time and use, embodying the themes of nature and variegation. Use of these metals can elevate an otherwise neutral bathroom or add depth to a distinctive design.

Marmo Basin in Tundra Grey by Plumbline

Natural but in no way rustic, marble is a powerfully emotive material that has been used to create beautiful objects since ancient times. It invokes associations with luxury and a multitude of high art, from the statue “David” by Michelangelo to the Taj Mahal.

Restorative Sanctuary

The bathroom is the setting for many self-care rituals. The concept of a sanctuary for health and respite blends seamlessly with biophilic design, as nature and self-care are an intuitive pairing.

Baths are a restorative for both the body and mind, and the focal point any space. Stone fixtures that reflect the smoothness and gentle curve of river stones add a softer, soothing touch and create a healing and comforting aesthetic. Large bathtubs provide space to share the ritual with a partner, offering a rare and valuable opportunity to be present in the age of screens and distractions.

Meek's Doric Collection

Mirroring the use of nature themes inside bathrooms, self-care is being taken into nature with the increasingly popular use of al fresco showers and tubs.

A Reflection of Your Personality

With the bathroom’s importance for habitual self-care widely known, clients want thoughtful, personalised design that reflects their personalities, habits, and wellness aspirations. Individual style and maximisation of space are being prioritised over the ease and economy of out of the box design.

Meek's Wave Basin in new Burnt Orange colour

Colourful basins are trending as design moves towards more colour and personalised design. A simple but powerful way to make an impact as well as a statement of personal style.

Bathroom Design by Cube Dentro

Fixtures are custom made to best utilise the space to suit the habits of the homeowner.
High design powder rooms make a big statement in a small space. As one of the more economical spaces it gives conservative clients the opportunity to take risks and be bold with their design.

Claybrook's New Flute Oval Vessel Basin

2023 is an exciting time for bathroom design, where the perfectly imperfect qualities of nature are combined with the unique preferences of the individual. We look forward to seeing these trends develop as they are expressed by designers and clients alike.