What makes an interior sing? It is when it’s carefully tuned by a harmonious blend of colours, textures, finishes and shapes, all combined to take full advantage of the space’s size and aspect. The careful composition of elements and unique touches raises a bathroom from a necessary and functional room to an inviting place that evokes delight and encourages self-care.

Custom fittings are often the pieces that make the difference between a standard bathroom and a beautiful one. As a focal point of the room, investing in a vanity that embodies the space’s colour palette and theme is a simple but powerful way to create a stunning effect.

Plumbline’s Customisable Vanities Make Elevated Design Accessible

Plumbline’s customisable vanities give customers access to choices usually only available to those who can employ interior designers and artisans. Plumbline’s range empowers customers to enjoy truly personalised design with almost infinite combination possibilities.

Deco Opaco 1200 1 Drawer Vanity in Kobe with Brushed Brass Reflex Knob and Matt White Top

Treat Your Vanity Like a Canvas

Throughout human history, colour has been used to elicit emotions, express individuality or belonging, convey meaning and define cultural rituals and traditions. It’s no wonder that colour is a powerful facet of interior design. The potency of colour is celebrated in the many vanity cabinetry shades available. Combined with the diverse style range, your personal aesthetic can be expressed seamlessly with a vanity consistent with the room’s colour palette and look.

Plumbline’s Curated Vanity Design Options

With multiple options available for style, top, size, colour and handles, you can design a vanity that wholly reflects your theme and colour palette in a configuration that best utilises your space. For professional designers and homeowners alike, everyone can achieve a highly customised interior design.

Alma Legno 1500 2 Drawer Vanity in Black Oak

Choose Your Style

Find your perfect match with 12 vanity styles. The range covers everything from the clean lines and Scandi simplicity of the Nordic vanity to the high-fashion fluted Forma vanity or the geometric glamour of the Deco vanity.

Choose Your Top

Decide between a top with an integrated basin or a flat top on which a vessel basin can be placed to produce an ornamental effect.

Choose Your Size

Make the most of your space. Plumbline vanities are available in up to 15 sizes, including extra slim options, single or double basins, and one-drawer, two-drawer and four-drawer options. A small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a grand design!

Lima Opaco 1200 1 Drawer Vanity in Fjord with Deco Handle in Gunmetal

Choose Your Colour

Let your creativity run wild and cavort through our enticing range of colour options. On-trend mossy greens, stone and wood hues all feature in shades such as Atmoss, Slate and Methven Oak. But you’re not limited to a trend! Play with the classic White, deep Marine Blue, or cool sea-toned Fjord, among others, to get your perfect look. As well as our stocked colours, we can source just about any colour to create a distinctly custom-made piece to suit any original design.

Choose Your Handle

Finish your unique design by choosing from (where applicable) five handle styles in seven finishes to coordinate with tapware and other furnishings flawlessly. As well as classic nickel, chrome, white and black finishes, we have 2023’s in-vogue brushed bronze, brass, and gunmetal finishes.

Forma Spio 900 1 Drawer Vanity in Tusk with Matt Black Handle

Compose Endless Masterpieces on the Plumbline Website

You don’t need to imagine which design combination best suits your vision. You can experiment on the Plumbline website; select from the options to get a composite image of the end look. The composite image can be downloaded, perfect for adding to a mood board or compiling a library of favourite options. Be prepared; playing with the endless combinations can be addictive! Start designing your vanity →