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True Craftsmanship

With over 30 years of interior design experience, Claybrook specialises in combining the finest materials with an innovative approach to design, uniting the quest for physical balance and beauty with a truly British understanding of quality and craftsmanship.

Claybrooks family values inspire everything they do, as decendents of stonemasons, they quickly made a name for themselves as the stone specialists and carved out a reputation for unique design, refinement, and impeccable quality. In recent years they have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in stonecraft; creating MarbleForm®, an eco-friendly, sustainable material made from excess stone from their tile production. With this, Claybrook have developed an exceptional range of baths and basins that are at home in some of the finest hotels and luxury residential developments across the globe.


We know how important it is that the sense of family remains as strong now as it has been throughout our journey. That’s why when you choose Claybrook you get more than a beautiful piece for your bathroom, you get a piece of our history.




MarbleForm is the sustainable, eco-friendly material that Claybrook has developed to reimagine the possibilities of stonecraft. The impact we have on the environment matters. That is why Claybrook have developed our specialised moulded stone technology. MarbleForm is produced by using reclaimed stone leftover from the production of their tiles. This is then combined with hi-performance resin and colour pigments. Using the latest injection moulding techniques they can form anything from classic bath and basin designs to custom pieces that were previously unimaginable. Emission-free and recyclable, MarbleForm demonstrates Claybrook’s commitment to a sustainable and innovative future.



Each individual piece is meticulously crafted by hand and then expertly polished to guarantee a unique and flawless finish.

Organic and Eco Friendly

Organic and Eco-Friendly

Claybrook uses a high level of natural recycled stone content to create their products, using a low-impact emission free production process.



Claybrook products are designed to excel in multiple aspects, including remarkable durability, resistance to stains, exceptional heat retention properties, and repairable when needed.