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A Collection of Tapware & Accessories in 12 Stunning Finishes

The Buddy collection designed by Plumbline and made in Italy offers an exciting journey for designers and homeowners to create the most unique and individual bathroom or kitchen space. The range speaks of simplicity with its perfectly proportioned design and with the entire collection available in 12 stunning finishes, your imagination is the only limitation of what you can create.

All Buddy products are made in Italy in the northern Orta Lake district, home to the best tapware specialists in the world. In this beautiful location generations of artisans use age-old methods to produce the world’s best quality tapware.

Italian made tapware in
12 unique finishes

Buddy X

The very latest in industrial influenced tapware to complement our popular Buddy tapware collection. Buddy X, with its exciting tactile knurled handle, is offered in 12 finishes to match the existing extensive Buddy tapware and accessories collection.

Designed by Plumbline and crafted in Italy, Buddy X provides endless opportunities for creating your perfect bathroom solution.

The Beauty of Shine

For those who love unalterable material, Buddy’s new PVD finishes won’t oxidize, corrode or scratch overtime, so it will still look like new in years to come.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is a highly innovative technology where a thin metal vapour is deposited onto objects in a vacuum chamber. This produces an extremely high surface hardness, preventing scratching or corrosion and offers a long lasting, highly durable finish that will not age or alter over time. The production process is environmentally friendly as it does not create chemical waste, harmful gases or other residues.

The Beauty of Time

For those who love a unique living appearance, Buddy’s organic finishes evolve over time, taking on a patina and oxidisation dependent on its environment.

Organic finishes are raw metals that are left un-lacquered or coated meaning they will naturally patina and age over time. Perfect for adding character to industrial, rustic or contemporary settings, the look and feel of organic or living finishes will get their own individual character, whether it’s exterior tapware that faces the elements of nature, or interior pieces that are constantly touched and handled. Due to the variations in raw material composition, there will always be natural variation in components within different environments, even within the same house, depending on your area, usage and water properties.

Metals, such as natural Brass, that are polished or brushed will generally darken over time, whereas Brass that has been aged or pre-oxidised, will lighten where it is touched and handled. If desired, Organic finishes can be maintained to their near-original state with regular cleaning, buffing or waxing.

"il fascino dell’ età - the charm of age"

Above are some examples of how the different Organic finishes can look overtime.
Please note that these are only examples - your own unique Buddy Organic item will vary.